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Placement & TPO Assist ERP :
Empowering Higher Education Career Paths

Our Training & Placement Management System streamlines placement activities, enhances collaboration & prepares students for successful careers, improving their employability.

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The platform has transformed how we manage placements. It's intuitive, efficient, and has significantly improved our placement success rates.

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Bridge the Gap Between Education & Employment: The Placement & TPO ERP Solution for Educational Institutes .

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Why Choose Us

  • benefit_icon Student Empowerment : Student training and placement software facilitates job access, resources, skill programs and personalized guidance, enhancing employability.
  • benefit_icon Automation: Automates routine tasks such as job posting, application tracking, interview scheduling and placement status updates, saving time and reducing errors.
  • benefit_icon Transparent Reporting: Gain insights into placement trends, student preferences & collaborations within the Campus Recruitment Management system through analytics & reporting features.
  • benefit_icon Data Management: Facilitates efficient data management, storing student records, employer details, job postings and placement statistics in one accessible database.
  • benefit_icon Customization: Allows customization to suit the unique needs of educational institutions, adapting workflows, forms and processes as required.
  • benefit_icon Efficiency: Streamlines administrative processes for Training and Placement Officers (TPO), reducing manual workloads and paperwork.

Efficient College Placement Management: Streamline the placement process with automated tools for listing, tracking and managing placement opportunities.

Experience the unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of our online placement management system , simplifying the placement process and delivering exceptional results.

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Tailored dashboard interfaces for Student Placement ERP users, offering relevant insights & functionalities according to their roles, ensuring efficient workflow management.

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Live tracking of placement trends, student performance metrics & employer engagement statistics, enabling proactive decision-making & strategic planning.

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Assessment Module

A dedicated module for conducting skills assessments, enabling students to identify their strengths & areas for improvement, and helping TPOs tailor placement strategies accordingly.

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Communication Tools

Built-in communication features such as instant messaging & email integration, facilitating seamless interaction between students, TPOs, employers & faculty members.