Best online task management software for higher education

Task Manager ERP :
online task management software for higher education

Task Management Software for Educational Institutes streamlines workflows by assigning & tracking assignments, projects & deadlines for teachers & students, fostering better communication & collaboration.

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Best Feature!!!!

The task manager has been a lifesaver for institutes. Being able to set reminders and receive notifications has really helped to stay on track with deadlines.

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Ditch the Paper, Embrace Progress: The Task Management ERP for Efficient Educational Institutes .

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Why Choose Us

  • benefit_icon Boost Teacher Productivity: Free teachers from administrative burdens by streamlining assignments, deadlines and communication within a central platform.
  • benefit_icon Data-driven Decisions for Student Success: Track task completion, project progress, and resource allocation with student task management software. Identify areas for improvement and optimize learning outcomes.
  • benefit_icon Reduce Administrative Costs: Reduce paperwork and streamline administrative tasks, saving valuable time and resources that can be better spent on instruction and student support.
  • benefit_icon Empower Success: Our software fosters a culture of responsibility for tasks among teachers and students, leading to improved time management and efficient completion of work.
  • benefit_icon Improved Communication & Collaboration: Fosters collaboration by centralizing task communication, enabling real-time teamwork, and promoting transparency among students, parents, and staff
  • benefit_icon Improved accountability: Our College Task Management Application ensures clear task assignment, deadlines, and progress tracking, boosting responsibility and completion rates

Transform Classroom Management: AI-Powered Task Management ERP for a Connected Learning Experience.

Effortless Task Management with our Education Task Management ERP Fuels Student Engagement. Unleash the Potential of a Connected Learning Experience.

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AI-Powered Task
Automation & Recommendation

Automate tasks such as grading, scheduling, and homework assignments using AI. Personalize learning paths with AI recommendations.

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Mobile Accessibility &
Offline Functionality

Stay connected and manage tasks on the go. Access assignments, track progress, and communicate with teachers and classmates offline, with data syncing upon reconnection.

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Visual Task &
Project Management

Organize, prioritize, and visualize tasks with our academic task management ERP. Utilize drag-and-drop, rearrange timelines, and set dependencies for clarity

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Real-Time Progress
Tracking & Gamification

Motivate students and teachers with real-time progress tracking. Utilize gamification elements like progress bars, leaderboards and badges to make task completion engaging and rewarding.