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The system is robust, and the real-time monitoring features ensure a fair and secure testing environment.Save on resources related to manual proctoring and exam administration.

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Smart proctored Exam

Upgrade your examinations with our ERP solution's cutting-edge Smart Proctored Exam feature

Benefits of Our Online Exam Proctoring Software

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  • benefit_icon Behavioral Analysis: Online proctoring software detects anomalies in exam behavior, ensuring integrity.
  • benefit_icon Automated Cheating Detection: Uses advanced algorithms to automatically identify and prevent cheating during exams.
  • benefit_icon Quicker Results: Optimize time with automated procedures and immediate result generation in online proctored exams
  • benefit_icon Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly across various devices and platforms for maximum accessibility.

Enhance your examinations with our ERP solution's high-tech Online Proctoring Exam Software ensures integrity, security and efficiency for seamless exams

AI-based proctoring software ensures exam integrity and security by employing video surveillance and biometric verification, enhancing efficiency with seamless administration from anywhere

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Exam Integrity

Prevent cheating and misconduct, thereby safeguarding the credibility of exams and academic achievements.

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Exam Flexiblility

Choose between in-person or remote exams, including online proctored options, to suit your preferences and needs.

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Exam Efficiency

Streamline the exam administration process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring a smooth exam experience.

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Data Security

Ensure exam integrity monitor online exams to prevent unauthorized access and maintain fairness.