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  • Next Gen Exam

    Now, Universities, Autonomous Institutes, Colleges & Schools can create and conduct online-exams to any scale. Students can appear for the exam from comfort of their homes.

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    Next Gen Exam

Next Gen Exam

Plan Exams

Execute exams From-Home, From-Classroom, From-Computer-Labs using Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops & Computers

Exam From Home

Students take the exams from home using mobiles, tablets, Laptops or computers. We take of all fair practices.

Set the rules

You set the rules of your exam. Set the pass and fail rules. Set a timer on your exam, or not. The possibilities are endless.

Question banks

Bulk upload questions into a Question-Bank. Configure QP-Generator keeping units and hardness-levels paramter. Generate question-paper-sets just by a click.


Meet all your exam needs using one complete solution. Annual Exams, Semester Exams, Mid-Term Exams, Practice Tests, Take-Home Tests, Class-Quizzes

Pen & Paper exams

Students take the exams in the classroom. Right after the exam they take picture of each answersheet and upload. Teachers evaluate on screen. Results are ready.

Objective / Subjective Approach

We have a wide range of question types to choice from: multiple choice text questions, Multiple choice image questions and descriptive text questions. You can even create questions with multiple correct answers.

Easy to use & Highly Scalable

Intuitive user interface, Bulk data-import utilites, Mobile-App for all, SMS-Email-App based communication module add to over-all convinience. No-Upper limit on count of candidates/subject/institutes. The sky is the limit. Never stop learning & evaluation!

Four Tier Data-Security

We keep four teir security of all the responses to questions given by the students, and can promise zero-data loss and assure 100% data-integrity.

Tracking & Reporting

Keep track of student's activities. Download the results and stats to evaluate your exams and training material.

Progress & Understanding

Track the progress of your students through the quizzes and tests. Its important to know if the topic has been well grasped by students.

Consolidate Results

To submit report to pricipal, statutory authority or even to display on notice boards: Consolidated result can be generated right from the system.

Analytic Reports

Take a look at there results and see where they need a hand or some extra learning material.

QA for Learning

Question answer session along with proper feedback for correct answer makes practice test and take-home test more like a learning activity.

AVS Vigilance

Audio, Video & Screen survilliance is conducted for the candidates taking exam. Use Arificial-Intelligence to help in identifying violations.


Print your exam report cards effortlessly. Share your report-card template we will prepare the system accordingly