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Ensure NAAC compliance effortlessly with our services, including Student Satisfaction Surveys, IQAC Reports, UGC, NBA, NABET, ISO, and QCI processes. Our software utilities cover PBAS, API, SSR, and AQAR for streamlined processes.

Simplify your analysis with Program Outcome (PO), Course Outcome (CO), and Program Specific Outcome (PSO). Easily track attainment, identify gaps, and map PO to CO effortlessly.

Our services include Timetable Planning, QEvaluators, Invigilators, Moderators, Revaluator, Question Paper Generation, Onscreen Assessment, Digital Question Papers, Results, Ledgers, Marksheets, and Self-Registration for ATKT Exams.

Track attendance seamlessly with RFID, Biometric, and a user-friendly mobile app for students (daily and period-wise), staff, library, gym, mess, bus, and events.

Access everything through our user-friendly mobile app – Notices, Alerts, Homework, Assignments, Photos, Documents, Attendance, Online Fees, Quizzes, Leave Notes, and Bus & Student Tracking.

Empower managers with our Control Panel overseeing Student and Bus Tracking. Benefit from Smart Alerts, Early Reporting, and Quick Emergency Response. Utilize RFID, GPS, and CCTV for enhanced security. Manage Fees and streamline Fleet Management efficiently.

We're dedicated to supporting educational organizations in attaining operational excellence. Join our campaign, "Secure more points in NAAC/NBA Audits on a budget." With insights from engaging with 150+ organizations across multiple universities, we bring extensive experience to help others elevate their standards. Our services not only contribute to accreditation upgrades but also bring about significant improvements, including a 20% cost-saving and 25% reduction in man-hours across various workflows. Let's take your institution to the next level together.

Explore our comprehensive education solutions for seamless management across universities, colleges, schools, trusts, and chains. Our offerings include a user-friendly LMS, Online Admission, Alumni Management, Campus Placement, eBranding, Exam Management, Payment Solutions, School Bus Transportation, NAAC/NBA/NIRF Consultancy, and Education ERP. Empower your institution with SEO-friendly tools for enhanced productivity.

Simplify student attendance with electronic methods, nearly at the cost of manual systems. This efficient solution allows students to focus on academic and extracurricular activities, minimizing human intervention and eliminating manual errors.

Revolutionize attendance management with our Smart System, saving 30+ lecture hours and reducing human efforts. Utilizing mobile, RFID, and biometric modes, it captures subject/period-wise attendance, providing automatic alerts, analytics, and real-time reporting. Showcase it as a Best Practice for NAAC, offering students mobile updates and automatic notifications for parents. Say goodbye to manual attendance maintenance for teachers—our software handles it all, ensuring streamlined and efficient attendance management.